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NEC Plasma TV Specifications

NEC 42VM5 Plasma TV only at 560USD

Product code: #056

No matter how you look at it, the new 42” public display plasma television from NEC gives you a clear opportunity to capture attention. A sleek new design with cable management system,programmable timer and portrait capability make them the perfect choice for any public environment. New developments in NEC plasma display technology make this their most reliable plasma screen ever, with up to 60,000 hour display half life, and all new AccusShield technology to prevent image burn-in.

NEC 42VM5 Plasma TV Monitor



Plasma Display Specifications

Screen Size

42" diagonal

Screen Aspect


Contrast Ratio

[not published]


[not published]

Pixel Pitch

1.08 mm x 1.08 mm


15.5 to 110.0 kHz


50 to120 Hz

Color System


Data Signals

VGA: 640x480 @ 60,72,75,85,100, 120 Hz
SVGA: 800x600 @ 56, 60, 72,75,85,100,120 Hz
XGA: 1024x768 @ 60,70,75, 85, 100 Hz
SXGA: 1280x1024 @ 60, 75, 85, 100 Hz
UXGA: 1600x1200 @ 60, 65, 70, 75, 85 Hz
WideVGA: 848x480, 852 x 480 @ 60 Hz
WideXGA: 1360 x 765 @60 Hz
Macintosh: 640x480, 832x624, 1024x768, 1152x870

TV Scan Lines

480p 480i, 525p, 525i, 540p, 625p, 625i, 720p,1035i, 1080i


Input Terminals

Composite Video

1 (RCA and BNC)


1 (4-pin mini DIN)

Component Video

1 (RCA x 3)

RGB Component Video

1 (BNC x 5)

VGA RGB Signal

1 (15-pin mini d-Sub)

DVI Digital Input


Stereo Audio In

4 (RCA L/R)

Serial Control (RS232C)

1 (9-pin mini d-Sub)


Output Terminals

Composite Video

1 (RCA and BNC)


Plasma Monitor Accessories

Audio Amplifier

8W x 2



Mounting Options

Optional Mount Required

Also Included:
AC Power Cord, User Manual, Remote Control, Batteries, Cable Clamps


Dimensions and General Specs.

Power Supply

100-120V @ 50-60Hz

Power Consumption

270 Watts


40.1" x 24.0" x 3.5"


63.00 lbs.

FCC Class

FCC Class A, Commercial Use


Key Features of the NEC 42VM5 42" Plasma Monitor

NEC Plasma Technology

Best in class image quality. Image quality so superior that an NEC PlasmaSync display has received the DisplayMate “Five-Star” Best Video Hardware Award.

Capsulated Color Filter (CCF) technology delivers realistic color reproduction.

AccuCrimson Filter technology further enhances the effects of the CCF producing better reds and greens.

Color Tune Technology. Adjust individual colors without affecting white balance.

Gamma 12 Color Processing provides the highest color processing in a plasma display at 68.7 billion colors (4096 steps) resulting in increased detail never seen before... no matter what the viewing environment!

Digital AccuDevice. All digital video processing allows for artifact and noise free video.

Mass Area Superior Sampling (MASS) eliminates jagged lines and corrects color bleeds to create clear and defined images.

Convenience Features

Zoom. Highlight portions of still or motion video to reinforce your message.

Long lasting. Up to 60,000 panel half-life Allows operation for 20 years at 8 hours a day!

High Reliability Ranked #3 by PAC Media for product quality/reliability and product warranty repair/return programs.

Executive Order 13221 advanced power saving features include a standby setting that uses < 1 watt and a hard power switch to completely shut down the unit.

AccuShield provides multiple ways to protect from permanent image retention.

Low power consumption places NEC among the leaders in the industry.

Programmable timer for virtual self-running operation.

Portrait or landscape display orientation.

Complete RS232 Control allows command and feedback of the monitor from a control system.

Innovative Cabinet design enables small form factor PC's to be attached to the back of the plasma.

High altitude capable with an operating altitude of 9,180 feet.

Complies with ADA508 standards for color blind and hearing impaired users with black & white menus and closed caption support.

Terminals and Connections


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